Stepping on the soil of different countries and getting all kinda good food are my goals of life. My passion for food started since I worked as temporary freelance food directory editor in a small firm. Then it continues to grow when I met an important friend in my life, and when I was furthering my study in Vancouver: a beautiful city with amazing food that makes dieting almost impossible. Life is a cupcake: it can be all kinds of flavour, depending on how you would like to spice it.


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The second time I visited Cactus Club Cafe at the same location - Yaletown. My friend brought me back here because he missed the sexy bellini bartender as well as the vibe there. Let see what we had this time!


The brazilian – fresh muddled kiwi, lime, sugar cane, shaken with bacardi white rum and soda, on the rocks. Ordered this because I saw kiwi and sugar cane! Taste was on the lighter side that you can take few big sips without getting overpowered. Crisp and some tartness. Finish with kiwi bites.


The bellini – peach schnapps, champagne, bacardi white rum, sangria. Seductive not only because of its appearance but how easily acceptable it is. Tasted like fruit slush with touch of spirits. 


Rob’s hunter chicken – portabello, crimini, button and shiitake mushroom demi-glace, herb fingerling potatoes, green beans. We ordered this again because my friend simply wanted some chicken and we both thought the rob’s hunter tasted better than the other one on the menu (the blackened creole).


Soy-dijon salmon - ocean wise™ steelhead, whole grain barley, snap peas, shiitake mushrooms, soy butter sauce, grape tomatoes, cilantro. Simple and delightful. A little dry but the salmon was well seasoned.


Never skipped the dessert for a good ending! We got:

Chocolate peanut butter crunch bar – with tahitian vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and crunchy chocolate pearls. Those little pearls were so cute and nice to chew on. When you see chocolate goes with peanut butter, you’ll expect this is gonna be quite a rich, moist and dense dessert.

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