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We settled our dinner at Old Settler Pub for our first night in Harrison. And I totally felt that we have made the right choice to dine here. The price was very affordable and food was served with quality and very decent portion. Even the pub-styled dinner wasn’t my best favourite usually but I think Old Settler Pub worths the bucks if one is looking for inexpensive yet the vibe to have some nice and romantic chat. The pub was crowded that we had to wait for a bit. In the end we chose to have a drink at the bar first while waiting to be seated. 

Shirly temple

Long Islands. My friend always order this when he feels like having a drink. Somehow he wants to test the bartender’s skills.

Guinness on tap always tastes good.

The loaded burger. All-Canadian beef patty with cheddar, crisp bacon, sauteed mushrooms and housemade tangy Settler hamburger sauce. Veggies liek tomatoes, lettuce and onions were fresh as well. Was really loaded with the size of the burgers and fries. Tried to have a huge bite on everything but failed terribly. Haha.

Old Settler’s Famous B Ribs. A one-pound rack of tender baby back ribs slow roasted in Settler BQ sauce. Served with baked potatoes, market fresh seasonal veggies and salad. The ribs were so huge that it couldn’t even fit into the camera screen.

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