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Kokomonk Chocolate Series offered in Vancouver Christmas Market. Their chocolates were artistic with very innovative flavours. Just beware that how innovative these little pieces can be on your palate.

Another shot of these beautiful chocolate truffles. When I removed the cover the dark chocolate fragrance was soooo prominent - telling you one possible thing - these were made of fine dark chocolate. They indeed were.

Gluten-free made me thought of my friend who couldn’t take gluten at all. These were perfect for him.

Blue Moon - Blue cheese flavoured in dark chocolates. This tasted like a real blue cheese, but i prefer to get a real blue cheese to having blue cheese in a chocolate.

La Mer- Watermelon with sea salt - need to warn you that it had soooo much seasalt in it. Hmmm… why seasalt with watermelon? I didn’t think they match very well,

Curry and Coconut - To be honest, it tasted like KariPap. The filling was dryer, more powdery-like. Hmmm… Real Karipap seems to taste better.

Musee l’amour - Pistachio and almond. I wasn’t sure if I have tasted pistachio. But dark chocolate tasted good. 

Match- maker - Chili and Cinnamon - Stronger in cinnamon. Hmmm… I think chili and cinnamon did’t marry well with dark chocolate.

Niagara Bells - Bailey’s Irish Cream and Coffee. The tastiest in the box in my opinion. It was cappuccino-like and had a nice coffee aftertaste lingering on tongue.

Crown Vancouver - Eggnog and rum. Among the innovative creations, this one considered successful.

La Petite Amor - Mango flavour. It tasted… perplexingly mango. Not the kind of mango flavour that I liked.

Bacchanalia - Balsamic Vinegar, caramel and seasalt. This creation was unique too, and it did go well with dark chocolate I would not resist to go for second piece.

The balsamic vinegar sauce - this could be another successful innovative creations. I prefer this to crown vancouver. and I liked the crunchy bits on the truffle.

Juliette’s Whip - green mandarin. It’s called green mandarin because it has a green mark and a mandarin filling?

Jade Box - Matcha. Matcha should taste good with chocolate. Room for improvement!

Guess this was the special in the chocolate truffle series because I didn’t find it on the kokomonk’s website. Looked like it had a caramel filling. Don’t ask me what flavour it was. Too complicated to tell.

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