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Served home-styled Italian food. A popular spot for dine-out in the heart of Timesquare. I was seated at the bar so I got to be entertained by the amusing and passionate bartender. The way he recommended the best cocktails in the resto: this chocolate martini made by me is amaaaazing. LOL. Thanks for his truthful recommendation: the chocolate made by him was really amaaaaazing.

One of them is sourdough with lots of sesame. I enjoyed their bread because they were not too sour and not too hard to chew on like some french breads. XD

Sea Bass Special with clams, carrots, asparagus and tomatoes. Lovely handmade pasta dressed with tasty, savoury red sauce. Not too magnificent but delicious on your palate.

LINGUINE NERE alla MONSIGNORE. Homemade squid ink pasta with shrimps, scallops, squids, clams and mussels. Generous for the seafood portion. But the prawns were overcooked for a bit. Squid ink delivered a slight touch of taste to the pasta so that it went well with seafood (not noticeable to me though). I personally prefer the texture of a regular linguine. But squid ink pasta looks just cool to me!

Chocolate Martini: Bailey’s, creme de cacao, vanilla-flavoured vodka, with a drizzle of chocolate syrup and garnished with Godiva chocolate shavings. Surprisingly approachable. The bartender modified the recipe so that we could have it as a dessert drink. Lots of milk, hints of dark chocolate from the syrup. Not a totally delicate one, but I totally enjoyed this creamy cocktail. I would modify it to become more dark-chocolate oriented instead. 

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