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The Most Fundamental Elements in This Blog are Held Together by a Telepathic Power of Food of which Little is Currrently Known and Whose Perceptually Unexplained Driving Force Can Therefore Produce Potentially Fatally Obsession with Food.  

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Ice Ginger Ale. Refreshing for a very hot day.


AAA Steak Fillet Bowl. Beef fillet steak with balsamic vinegar, wasabi, butter and soy based sauce. Served with poached eggs on “Koshi-Hikari” rice.

Fillets were cooked to a slightly less than medium state, which the red meat remained rosy pink. I only took a bite from my friend’s but the fillet was so juicy that all juices remained sealed in the fillet. Miso soup was prepared on the side so that the whole meal was not too dry. Some people may like to pour onto the rice and give it a good mix. I loved the fresh onions that gave additional crunch to the soft fleshy meal. Sauce was simple yet flavourful enough that did not cover the natural flavour of fillet.

What is Koshi-Hikari rice?

*a popular variety of rice cultivated in Japan as well as Australia and the United States

*Some people think very highly of the Koshihikari harvested in Uonuma area of Niigata Prefecture which is typically the most expensive rice in all of Japan.



Gave a slight poke on the yolk and watched it slowly ooze into fillets that were arranged beautifully in the bowl. 


Sizzling Stone Eel Hitsuma-Bushi - Eel fillet cooked in soy flavoured sauce served in sizzling stone bowl of rice. Served with house special broth on the side for the after half. Nagoya’s famous local dish.

Unagi could be a boring dish to some because people can kinda expect how unagi would taste like; but it is my forever love because it can hardly go wrong with the sweet smoky grilled yumminess. Its sweet and tasty flavour always goes very well with rice. Kingyo incorporated a generous amount of preserved vegetables that had a mild sour-sweet taste that made the bowl more interesting. A good mix of vege with rice added moist to the rice. 

I added broth to my second half portion of rice, which had been cooked brown and crisp. I know that adding crisp rice to broth is quite common but I always didn’t know how to appreciate. But always good to try.


Kingyo Izakaya 金魚居酒屋 on Urbanspoon